Our Core Beliefs

We begin every representation with certain core beliefs: every client has a fundamental desire to protect their property, to be treated fairly, and to believe their attorney will take every measure necessary to fully protect their interests.  

Our approach will help you rest assured that your case is in more than capable hands and that we understand your particular goals. We will analyze every aspect of your property to leverage the greatest settlement or judgment possible. While we understand that not every case will ultimately be presented to a jury, and that not every landowner wants to go to trial, we prepare every case with an eye for an ultimate decision by a Texas jury. When a satisfactory compromised cannot be achieved, we love the courtroom and are ready for battle.

Because we fundamentally believe in landowner property rights, have a keen understanding of eminent domain law, are curious and hardworking, and are respected by our adversaries as true trial lawyers, we truly believe we can deliver the best representation possible.

If you are a property owner who has been notified that your property is targeted for condemnation, the lawyers at Spivey Valenciano can help you evaluate your options, at no cost to you. Our experienced attorneys understand eminent domain and can guide you through the process to help ensure that just compensation is paid to you.

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