High Voltage Transmission Lines

Perhaps the most visually devastating type of condemnation case, high voltage transmission lines have the unshakable ability to transform a property from one of serenity and beauty to one of significantly diminished value. Market data shows that properties with power lines take much longer to sell, and when they do sell, buyers demand significant discounts.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing landowners in high voltage transmission line cases and have represented landowners in over 100 contested Special Commissioners Hearings and multiple jury trials.  We are skilled at disputing the appraisals and valuations presented by condemning authorities and demand more for our clients.  

We also work with experienced appraisers, brokers, land planners, engineers, brokers, cost estimators, relocation specialists and other experts to ensure that our clients are best equipped for their Special Commissioners Hearing, and if necessary, for a bench or jury trial.  

We assume every case may go to trial and work with our client to develop a winning litigation strategy.  Of course, the vast majority of condemnation cases settle before trial.  However, the settlement that the landowner receives often depends upon whether the condemning authority believes that the landowner’s attorneys are willing and capable of trying the case to a jury.  Our attorneys are known for successfully trying cases in counties across Texas. Whether a compromise can be reached or not, we love the courtroom and are always ready for battle.

If your property is the target of a High Voltage Transmission Line Project, choose the lawyers at SPIVEY VALENCIANO PLLC to defend your property rights to help you to get the compensation you deserve.

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