• Soledad and Jim helped us when a power company wanted to modify its 90-year-old easement and electric transmission line across our pasture. Their knowledge and experience in similar cases – including several with the same power company -- were invaluable in navigating the process, protecting the land and our operations, and getting a much better deal than we were originally offered. They were always easy to reach, easy to talk to, and happy to answer questions and explore options for achieving the best results possible. S.S., Uvalde County
  • How many ways can you say… “Thank goodness we found Jim and Soledad.” From our very first meeting my husband and I felt relieved and confident that we’d found the perfect team to represent our family during the eminent domain proceedings. Their time and attention to detail was demonstrated every step of the way. They visited our ranch multiple times to evaluate the progress of the installation, take photographs, and note damages. We spoke often by phone so they could gather more information or clarify our understanding of events and processes. They represented us through depositions, negotiations, and hearings until settlement. Our ranch has been named as a party in three eminent domain instances since 2012 and each time we have solicited the help of Jim and Soledad. They have represented us skilfully and professionally each time, ensuring that we received maximum compensation. We simply cannot thank Jim and Soledad enough for all they were able accomplish for us during this most emotional and complex process. K.H., Erath County
  •  I recommend Spivey Valenciano as the best eminent domain lawyers you can get! My grandmother owned land and when she sadly passed away, it was given to myself and 3 siblings as an inheritance. This inheritance became involved in an unprecedented legal battle between an oil company and Texas state. My siblings and I don't live in Texas anymore and, as the manager of the land, I had no idea how to honor two opposing legal obligations. I worried that I wouldn't be able to find a law firm willing to take this huge challenge on. Fortunately for me, I found Jim and Soledad! They listened carefully to my predicament, understood what I needed to do, and saved me! They worked tirelessly to negotiate a resolution that allowed me to avoid court, honor my contracts while not losing everything I had, and I didn't even need to take one day off of work! They are personable, compassionate, communicative, and know the law inside and out! The fees were so reasonable and I know that they care about me and my situation. Somehow, Jim and Soledad were able to make a truly impossible situation work out well for the state, oil, and a small family! Even though I've never met Soledad in person, I consider her my friend, and I can't thank her enough! S.S., Madison County
  • We hired Jim and Soledad when LCRA decided that the highway frontage for our ranch would be most ideal as the location for a new transmission line. In addition to taking out 330 live oaks, this route would have been an enormous blemish to a completely unsullied, quintessential Hill Country road. Although my wife and I are both lawyers, a contested administrative hearing was way outside our areas of expertise. I can't say enough good things about the competency and passion with which Soledad and Jim fought successfully to protect our scenic byway. During the course of the hearing, which was packed with too many lawyers to count and many dozens of parties, a number of lawyers representing other groups came up to me during breaks to sing the praises for how well we were being represented. C.H., Kendall County
  •  No one likes to be "taken" -- especially when it is your property being "taken" - usually forever. If you ever are faced with such an eminent domain proceeding, you can't go wrong with Jim and Soledad in your corner. … While they came highly recommended, I knew for sure that we were in the best of hands after Jim and Soledad explained the eminent domain process to us in terms that we could understand. (In my experience, only someone truly knowledgeable in an area can do that.) Jim and Soledad laid out our options, discussing the risks involved and our chances of success. They sympathized with us about our situation while at the same time suggesting an array of next steps. If you are like our family, the entity that is taking your property will initially present you with a VERY low-ball offer. (This heaps insult on injury as, if you are like us, no amount of money would make YOU a "willing seller.") They will then point to certain "comparables" that with Jim and Soledad's investigation and help can be shown to not be comparable at all. In short, our family wouldn't want to go through any eminent domain ordeal without Jim and Soledad by our side.  A.S., McMullen County


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