Road Expansions

Often, a key measure of a property’s value is its great location. Unfortunately, a great location often makes an otherwise valuable retail, commercial, industrial, or farm and ranch property a prime candidate for road expansion takings by TxDOT or local municipalities. 

In fact, road expansion is one of the most common reasons that the government will try to take your property under the power of eminent domain.

The government agency may initiate a complete taking (condemning all of your property), a partial taking, or a temporary taking (using the property for a short period of time while completing the project). This taking, or “acquisition,” may include the demolition of improvements such as homes, office buildings or commercial structures and the relocation of a residence, business and/or tenants.

A right of way, or easement, may also be acquired for related purposes such as the installation or relocation of drainage easements or electrical line easements. Unfortunately, these easements often materially interfere with existing platting and/or access to the property, and only exacerbate zoning and/or setback requirements imposed by counties or municipalities.

When the government takes your property under eminent domain, just compensation must be provided. Our attorneys focus specifically on assisting business owners, developers, ranchers, trustees, executors and other landowners in obtaining the compensation the law requires.

We work with experienced appraisers, brokers, engineers, land planners, architects, cost estimators, and builders to assess the true fair market value of a property and its improvements.  We strive to identify the financial and practical impacts of a road expansion project on a property.  When necessary, we work with experienced relocation specialists to assist our clients in moving to a new business site. 

We are curious, creative, responsive and client-focused - exactly what is needed for this type of taking.

If your property is the target of a Road Expansion Case, choose the lawyers at SPIVEY VALENCIANO PLLC to defend your property rights to help you to get the compensation you deserve.

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