Constructing pipelines requires that property be acquired for rights of way, valve sites, and compressor surface sites.  In the context of pipeline projects, your property may be acquired by sale (negotiations) under the threat of condemnation or through eminent domain (condemnation) proceedings.  

Effective negotiations in a pipeline matter require experienced legal assistance. There are two issues for every easement case: compensation and easement language. Of course, the condemning authority will seek to pay as little as possible and will present the landowner with a one-sided agreement.   

Our services in pipeline matters include a complete review of the proposed pipeline agreement; a detailed in-office or telephone conference with you to discuss the proposed pipeline agreement; review of property-specific concerns (current operations, improvements, trees, crops, for example); review of financial terms and relevant market data; and negotiations and/or litigation, as appropriate.

If your property is the target of a Pipeline Project, choose the lawyers at SPIVEY VALENCIANO PLLC to defend your property rights and to help you to get the compensation you deserve.

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